I almost don't have the energy to write this post. The last three weeks have been mentally trying and emotionally exhausting. But praise God, we are on the upswing now!

On the 16th of March, our well pump went out and had to be replaced (as well as our pressure tank). Three days later, our furnace went out. We called a repair man who said it was toast and needed to be replaced as well. We didn't have the funds for that, so we set up space heaters and thanked God for the warmer weather and sunshine.

Next, the spring thaw reeked havoc on our yard, and JP's van got stuck in the giant mud hole formerly known as our yard. We called out a tow truck (thank God for AAA), but the tow truck also got stuck. A second tow truck had to come out and rescue both of the mud-locked vehicles. This is what our yard looked like afterward.

JP has to be able to get his truck back to his workshop to access his tools, so we bit the bullet and purchased as much gravel as we could afford to lay down. It wasn't much and barely made a dent. We'e spent the last two weeks raking goopy, smelly mud and doing anything we can to clear away some of the mess and speed up the drying process.

Next, my car broke down the day before the rehearsal for our friends' wedding, in which I was singing. With JP's van stranded in his shop and my car out of commission, we had to rent a car to get me down to the rehearsal. That night, JP and his friend James were up until 2:30 am fixing my car so we would have it for the wedding the next day. They got it *mostly* fixed, but JP needed to go get a part in the morning to finish it off, then put it back together in time for the wedding. I took the rental down to the wedding (since I had to be there early for a sound check) as JP hurried to get my van fixed. He ran out of time and ended up having to drive his now un-stranded van. BUT, along the way, his van also broke down. The last I spoke with him before the prelude began, he was going to try to turn around, get my van put together and make it in time for the kiss (remember, we live an hour away from everything). When I called him after the ceremony, he was still under the car, dirty and frustrated. He missed the entire wedding of one of his dearest friends.

Somewhere in the midst of all of these calamities, Rae put the icing on the cake by taking a pink, permanent marker to our house -- walls, doors, windows, piano, bed, printer, toys, couches and the kicker, my wedding dress. Yes. Pink, permanent marker on my wedding dress. I wasn't home at the time (JP was on duty), and it's a good thing I wasn't or I probably would have freaked. As it was, I had time to calm down before I got home and, aside from a few tears, remained relatively calm. I took it to the cleaner and have yet to pick it up to see how it turned out.

Well then, let's think positively, shall we?!? We now have a new well pump & pressure tank! Awesome! And after three weeks of space heaters, we also now have a new high efficiency furnace, which should save us money on fuel costs! Great! (Although I cringe to think of our next electric bill!) JP (& James) fixed both of our vehicles and they're now running better than ever after full tune-ups! The mud is almost dry, and the dry cleaner sounded positive about getting the marker out of my dress. Plus, our friends had an awesome wedding, which I was very thankful to attend and be a part of, even though we are sad JP missed it.

All's well that ends well, right?

"OK, Lord! That's enough! We get it. You're in control. We depend on You for every breath we take. Shall we accept the good from you an not also the bad? No way. Now please, can that be enough for now? Thanks."


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Wow. I have nothing worth complaining about after reading that. You guys are overcomers!