Killing Time

Hi there. :)

I don't really have much to say right now; I'm just killing time. I put the kids to bed and need to run out to the store in a minute (JP is home, don't freak out), but I always like to wait a few minutes before I leave to make sure they are asleep and not goofing off.

I had a wonderful and much needed dinner out with my mom, my sister, my future sister-in-law Becky and her mom on Monday. My brother Joe & Becky are planning a September wedding, so our "girls night out" focused on the wedding plans and ideas Becky has pulled together so far. Let me just say -- it is going to be absolutely beautiful. They booked this place. Uh. Mae. Zing. Watch the video, it's gorgeous. I wish I had known about this place when we got married. Drat!

I'm very bummed because my parents' church is hosting a big 30-year anniversary conference in March that we won't be able to attend. It's sure to be a big reunion of all of the people whose lives have been touched by the U of M campus ministry God put on my parents' heart 30 years ago. They rented out a resort in Wisconsin with a water park and everything.

I've been car-less all week. JP's van overheated just as he was leaving for work on Tuesday morning, so he had to transfer all of his tools into my van for the week until he could get time to work on it. He's in the shop right now; he says it's the radiator. He's such a good man to not get discouraged when stuff like this happens. When I met him, all he knew about working on cars was how to change the oil and fix a flat. Now he does all of the car repairs himself, which saves us so much money. He works so hard to provide for us.

I, in exchange, get to have a good attitude about not having a car and being stranded at home. It hasn't been so bad, although we do need groceries. But I hate grocery shopping, so this is working out!

Tomorrow Malachi, Zach and Anna (our nephews and niece) are coming over to hang out here while Missy attends her grandpa's funeral. I feel sorry for her; the pain of losing Papa is still so fresh, it's easy to relate; and I know she wishes Micah was here to go through this with her. He is on a month-long "mock deployment" right now, the last big test before he earns his green beret at the end of February. They have no contact until the "deployment" is over.

Speaking of Micah, could I be any prouder of my big brother? In a month, he'll be a full-blown Special Forces soldier.

I've stopped eating food after 9:00 pm in an effort to shed some more of this post-pregnancy weight. So far I haven't seen much of a difference. I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now. I remember this technique working really well after Ruby was born. God forbid I should actually have to work out to get back into shape.

Here's a couple funny quotes from Rae this week:

"Mom, Ruby doesn't know much things, so can I just tell her what to do?"

and my favorite (said to me while I was folding laundry):
"When I get bigger, I'll do everything and you can do nothing. You can just take a big, long break while I do all my things!"

Think I can get her to sign on the dotted line??!!?? :) hahaha

I'm loving American Idol again this season. I was hesitant about it with the new judges, but the J-Lo/Steven Tyler combo is cracking me up. I do wish S.T. would stop screaming every opportunity he gets, however. I don't know what it is about that show -- we originally started watching just for the bloopers, but then you get sucked in by the people with great stories, great voices, etc.

Well, for not having much to say, I sure filled a page. I should have ended on a deeper note than American Idol. Oh well. I'm off to the store. 'Night!


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Lynette said...

We will miss seeing you, JP and the girls at the celebration in March. Hope we can come and spend some time with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Dear "Killing Time",
Just want you (JP & girls included)to know that if you really want to join in on the 30 Year Anniversary Celebration in March, we will be blessed to cover the fee and meals for you to come celebrate and praise God for what He has done through MCF. A small price to pay seeing that living the ministry was your life most all of those years. Can't guarantee anything about what you'll receive back for attending, but can guarantee you'll have wonderful opportunities to worship and offer praise and thanks to the Lord for calling us out to work in this mission field. Much love to you all,
Anonymous! (Call me!) :)