Eleven in Cousin Heaven

As I mentioned in the last post, my brother Micah and his family have been in town for the holidays. Last week, my sister Amber and sister-in-law Missy loaded up their combined EIGHT children made the trek out to our house for a massive cousin play date! It was the first time all 11 cousins had been together since Christmas 2009.

Enjoy the pictures!

The 8 "big" cousins at lunch time!

Beautiful Anna Malia (Micah's third child -- she turned 2 on the 29th!)
Anna & Missy getting to know Rosie
The boys -- Zach, Malachi & Elijah
Rosie & Chloe -- just happy being together!
Moving outside for some fun in the snow
Naomi was shoveling

Missy & Malachi
Amber & Ruthie
Malachi, Ruby & Zach

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