Johnye Rose -- 4 months

Today little Rosie had her 4-month checkup. She's grown to 15 pounds, 5 ounces (84%) and 25 1/2" long (90%).

When we got home, we celebrated with a photo shoot. :)

She is more fun every day. She giggles, is ticklish, squeals a lot and is very interactive. Her smile can change my mood in one single moment.

Her new favorite thing is to be gently tossed up into the air and caught. She lights up every time she sees one of us, and especially loves interacting with JP.

What would our lives be without her? We love you, Johnye Rose!


Priya said...

She is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

She's just too precious for words...what an adorable spirit she has been given by God. Makes a Grandpa/Grandma melt to see her face and smiles!

Lynette said...

What a sweet little blessing! Love the pics.

Kittelson-Burke said...

I love the pictures of Ruby! You have become an amazing photographer!