My daughter calls me "Wife"

It all started about 5 days ago. Rae wanted to play Santa Clause. She was Santa, and she loaded up her "sleigh" (chaise lounge) with "bags" (blankets) full of toys to hand out to the children around the world. She added the three stick horses to the front to be "reindeer."

Then she declared me to be Mrs. Clause and Ruby to be her Elf.

Then I guess she got tired of saying Mrs. Clause over and over, so she started calling me, "Wife."

Now for the last five days she has continued to call me her wife. And if I call her Rae, she says, "You mean, "husband," right?


Deb said...

Lol! Rae never fails to entertain!

Bron and Jenda said...

These posts are making my day!!! Thanks for the ho ho ho, Rae!

Sarah D said...

What a creative mind she has. So funny.