This past Sunday, my brother Joseph asked his girlfriend Becky to marry him! He had a really sweet plan in place, and I had the very fun honor of hiding and taking pictures of the whole thing!

A few days beforehand, he took me to "the spot." It was a dock on Lake Rebecca, the place where they had made their dating relationship official and where they had their first kiss. The scenery was beautiful.

We rigged up a tarp on another part of a dock that was pulled up on shore in hopes that it would look like the park was covering up some canoes or something. I hid underneath with a little hole to peek out of.

With all of the snow we had on Saturday and the temps in single digits, Joe had a hard time convincing Becky to get out of the apartment and take the dogs for a walk by the lake. They were trudging through over a foot of snow, and as they approached I could hear Becky saying, "Are we there yet?" and "It's so cold."

Once they got to the special dock, they walked to the end and watched the trumpeter swans flying overhead. Then, as they walked back, Joe pointed to something on the dock and told Becky to take a look.

It took her a second, but once it registered, this is what she saw:

When she turned around, Joe was on one knee with the ring. It was so sweet!

And of course, she said "Yes!"

We are so thrilled to have Becky as part of the family. Don't get me wrong, she already was, but it's very fun to officially call her Joe's fiance! We love you both, and we're looking forward to the big day!


bruce said...

Nicely done sweets. Thanks.

CrystalAM said...

Now THAT is a cool engagement story!!