JP's Buck

As I think I've mentioned before, this was JP's first season of deer hunting. The first time he went out was for an early "antler-less" season. Before the girls and I were even done eating breakfast, I got a text from him saying, (and I quote): "I just got one! This is amazing. I am still shaking all over."

And from that moment on, he was hooked. :)

He & his friend ended up seeing 6 deer that day. It was very exciting. But every single proceeding hunting trip he took, he saw little or nothing the whole time.

Finally, it was the last day of the last weekend, and out of the blue they started seeing deer all over. JP shot his first buck that day, a 10-pointer, and his friend James shot one large doe and two button bucks (yearlings).

Then we had the great pleasure of butchering them all in JP's workshop. Well, not we. The guys did it. But I brought the girls out to see it. I don't want them to be as grossed out by it all as I am. Yuck.

I have a list of venison recipes on hand to try out. If you have a good one, send it my way! :)


bruce said...

The buck stops here !

Sarah D said...

:( I'm not against hunting, and I'm not a vegitarian, but still sad :(