2 Years & 2 Months

Ruby and Rosie both had checkups this week, Ruby for her 2-year well child and Rosie for her 2-month.

Ruby, bless her heart, seems to be taking after her mommy. She was 34" tall, which is only 41%, and a whopping 31 pounds, which is 88%! Short and solid. Like her mama. :)

My goodness is she sweet -- and funny, too. Her quote of the week was as she pointed to her nipples: "Look, Mom! Two buttons!"

Rosie continues to grow and grow, and she's becoming more and more smiley and interactive every day. She bats at dangling toys with her hands and is proving herself ambidextrous when it comes to thumb sucking.

Rosie is tipping the scales at 13.3 pounds (94%!!!), and she was 23 1/2" tall (85%).

We are on weekend #4 of JP being gone hunting. In my heart I'm so happy that he's found a hobby he loves, keeps him active, and gives him a chance for camaraderie with his guy friends. Buuuuuuut, let's be real. In reality, I'm tired of spending weekends alone with the kids and dogs, and selfishly look forward to the end of deer season. Bird season isn't so bad. I feel like I went from nothing to full-tilt-boogie hunter's wife in one year. Oh wait -- I DID! :)

In the meantime, we're keeping busy. Tonight the girls and I are having a sleepover in Mommy's room, and tomorrow we have errands to run and friends coming over to stay the night. Then on Saturday, Rae is having a sleepover with Ava, and I guess Ruby, Rosie and I will kick it at home one more night before Daddy returns.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this blog more often. I do a lot of communicating on facebook, and I know some of you are not on there to keep up-to-date. I've been spending a lot of my free time editing photos. I did a family shoot for my friend Crystal and took head shots for a "ladies night" at my Dad's church. All the gals came together and did each others hair & makeup (other's? others'? Help me Jon or Deb!), then I took glamor shots...lol! Maybe I'll post some when I'm done editing them all...maybe.


Priya said...

Ruby is very pretty like her mom! I guess short and solid is all perspective. How tall are you? You don't seem short to me. :-) Today i learned that i shrunk. What ?!? 5 ft tall to begin with, and now i've shrunk. Bummer. Rosie is a sweetie pie. I hope to meet her soon!

Sarah D said...

Definately post pictures! ;) Just not that one picture of me looking like a wierdo... you know the one. Delete!

Sarah D said...

Definately post pictures! ;) Just not that one picture of me looking like a wierdo... you know the one. Delete!

Sarah D said...

Oops! Stupid computer.

Deb said...

I say post the picture of Sarah! Ha ha, JK. :)

Ruby is adorable, and if she turns out like you, she's going to be a gorgeous lady!

I think it's "each other's"...that's a confusing one though! We probably need the Grammar Policeman to weigh in. :)