Polls Closed: The results are in...

...And it's another GIRL! :)

Introducing, Ruby Ann Charlebois

On her tummy:

head shot:

sucking her thumb:
yawning (kind of hard to tell):

We are so blessed and EXCITED!
Ruby is my grandmother's name, and Ann is both JP's mom's & step-mom's middle names. Put them together, and we have our little "Jewel of Grace."


Deb said...

You totally called it! I LOVE the name! Congratulations! That is awesome!

The Peterson Posse said...

Welcome little Ruby!!! We love you!!!
-Uncle Pete, Auntie Amber, Cousin Elijah and Cousin Naomi

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I will be counting the days until we can meet your precious Ruby Ann!
Love you!

jerarbw said...

Congrats on another beautiful baby girl! :o) Amanda

bruce said...

I can say this about my newest grand baby girl....
Ruby Ann has a lot of backbone for her age. ;-)
And I will be clear about the last picture. She looks just like her big sister. I wonder who's hair will have the most curls ?
Love, Grandpa

Andrew said...

Congratulations! Another girl, how exciting! :) Karen and Cousin Khai

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Rae is going to love being a big sister. We are excited for you and look forward to meeting your little "Jewel of grace"!
Love ya!
Dean and Lynette

Anonymous said...

That is WONDERFUL!!!! Congratulations!!! Beth Smith

Bron & Jenda said...

How precious!!! We are so excited to meet you, Ruby :)

Lori said...

So cool! Congrats!!