15 Months

Israel had her 15-month checkup today, and besides getting two more shots, everything went well. She is 50% for both height and weight (30.5 inches, 23 lbs) and according to Dr. Spencer...ready to potty train. Ahhh!!! So we are heading to Target today to get a potty chair. I think I will chart her potty patterns this week, and then start with the training next week. Keep us in your prayers! :)
Here are some very cute pictures of Israel playing with bubbles in the kitchen sink. Bubbles are her new favorite thing and she could play in them for hours.


Stephanie Balvin said...

Potty Training already- you are a brave mama! Especially prego!

The Peterson Posse said...

We have set aside next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to start with Elijah. Going gun-ho. Diapers off...undies on. So...we will be training at the same time. Nice!!! Call me if you need support and I will call you. =) We will have three "big kids" on the camping trip this year. We will have to set up a "potty station" at the campsite. =) That would work well.

Tal, Mary Emma Grace and Elliot said...

Have fun! You are really brave trying the potty training at that age.