Munsinger Gardens and Splash Pad

We made our annual summer trip to St. Cloud to visit the Munsinger/Clemens Gardens last week. The kids love strolling through the beautifully manicured gardens, splashing in the fountains, visiting the peacocks, and throwing crackers to the ducks in the river. My friend's 9-year-old son offered to take a picture of me with the kids, and I think it is the first one I have of me with all five of them. 
Now for a silly one:

After the gardens, we visited the Lake George Splash Pad & playground. While we were there, an ice cream truck showed up. The kids had never seen one before. They watched it with amazement, but not one of them asked if they could have some. They probably just assumed I would say no. Imagine their surprise when I suggested a treat! They were beside themselves. Silas got a Spider Man treat that stained his hands and face red and blue. I thought the girls would be more adventurous with so many options, but they all stuck to what they knew. 

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