Contains Fragile Material

The other day, Ruby & Rosie declared they wanted me to mail them to their friend Shiloh's house. So, I got a large box, put them inside with some crackers and water, plus the bags they had packed, and we taped them up. Rae addressed the box, and together we dragged them out to the mailbox. Hilariously, Ruby & Rosie thought the whole thing was real! After a few minutes by the mailbox, their excitement started to turn into nervousness. I told them it was illegal to mail children, so they'd need to be very quiet so as not to be discovered. They finally decided they didn't want to break the law, and we released them. 
I felt badly after the fact because Rosie actually got pretty emotional and admitted she was scared. I assured them I would never, ever do anything like that in real life, and we all had a good chuckle over it after the fact. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor Rosie! That's a great story to tell later in life though:)