Surprise Baby Shower

On Sunday, August 26th, I thought I was going to my friend Nicole's house for a laid back girl's night. What I actually stepped into was an unbelievable SURPRISE baby shower! Apparently Nicole had been scheming for months. She managed to pull off a gorgeous shower during a small window of time in which my sister-in-law Missy was in town from KY and my dear friend Bethany was in town from TX.

I was so shocked. Completely clueless. Overwhelmingly blessed. Even after everybody yelled, "surprise," I still wasn't sure what was going on. I kept thinking, "But my birthday was two months ago...??" Finally someone yelled out, "It's a baby shower!" and I, of course, burst into tears.

My sister caught this photo...my face says it all, but Rae's face is my favorite! (click the photo to see it bigger.) 

And then, the tears. 

I don't know how, but somehow these ladies gathered many of my closest friends from every aspect of my life. Family, friends from high school, friends from my old church, friends from my new church & life in Princeton...it was amazing. 

Only second to the company was the incredible spread: tomato/mozzarella kabobs, chicken salad sandwiches, build your own fruit pizzas, and lemon cupcakes! All themed around my favorite color: green.  I even got to take home the mums!

I could not believe the onslaught of generosity. We already have all of the "big" things we need for a baby, but I had barely any boy clothes. I had collected a few things here and there and received a few hand-me-downs, but up until this shower, this is all I had, from size 0 to 4T: 

After the shower and another friend stopping by with a bunch of hand-me-downs, look at what this baby boy now has! There is nothing this child needs.

Thank you, Nicole, for the unbelievable shower. And thank you to everyone who helped pull it together, brought food, brought decorations, wrote encouraging notes, and gave so generously. I've been moved to tears several times since the party just thinking about the love and thoughtfulness all of you showed our family. I love you all! 


Sarah Lorence Johnson said...

That is so awesome!

Deb said...

I love Rae's face in that picture! :)