Rosie is 2!!!

I can't believe I failed to post about Rosie's second birthday! Our sweet Johnye Rose turned two on the 12th, and although we didn't do much to celebrate, there is no downplaying the overwhelming joy and gratefulness I feel to have had her in our lives for two years now.

Rosie is the definition of "sugar and spice and everything nice." She is definitely a stinker, known to test her limits to see exactly what she can and cannot get away with; but she is also so freaking cute and affectionate that it's actually hard to get mad at her when she's being a stinker. Many times I have to hide my smile & giggles in order to discipline her.

Rosie is adventurous, loving, conniving, an excellent communicator, very smart, independent, goofy and full of smiles. She thinks she is the oldest child but takes advantage of her "baby" status. She loves attention and will seize any moment to wrestle with Daddy or snuggle and read with Mommy. She is fearless, except when it comes to loud noises. She is strong-willed and stubborn, yet seeks to please. She adds an exciting and heartwarming dynamic to our family that we could never dream of living without.

Johnye Rose, you fill Mama's heart with the sweetest kind of love in the world. Happy birthday, Pook-a-loo!

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