Rae's Dental Escapades

At the age of five, I finally took Rae to her first dental checkup. I admit, up until this point, I had not been very diligent at taking care of my children's teeth. We brushed, but sometimes we skipped. We don't floss. We don't have fluoride in our well water and we don't take supplements.

I shouldn't have been so surprised, then, when the dentist told me that Rae had FIVE cavities. Five! I couldn't believe it. I felt like such a horrible mother, not to mention a terrible example of how to properly take care of the bodies God has given us.

I took her in for her first filling and everything went fine. Rae had a doctor that explained things clearly and was gentle and friendly. We made another appointment to have two more done and that experience was awful. Rae got a different doctor who was rough, didn't communicate at all, was poking her with the novocain needle for what seemed like forever, and didn't seem to care that my poor child was doing her best not to scream and writhe in pain. I left and swore I'd never go back. Now we are on the search for a pediatric dentist to complete her last two fillings. I don't want her being scarred for life over going to the dentist.

What have your child dental experiences been like?

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Sarah D said...

Poor Rae, that sounds awful.