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Today was one of those hair-in-a-pony-tail-because-I'm-feeling-frumpy kind of days. I felt chubby and gross as I pulled my dry-on-the-bottom, greasy-on-the-top hair back out of my face, revealing what to me were impossible pores and puffy eyes. No amount of makeup would help today. I flipped of the bathroom and walked out into the living room when Ruby said, "Mom, you look like Cinderella with your hair like that."

Sometimes they know just what to say to make things better. :)

Not much is new around here. JP was gone all weekend for deer rifle season opener. He didn't get anything, though. The girls and I had a busy weekend while he was gone, including my third wedding gig and another family photo shoot. The wedding was...ok. I left feeling a little discouraged, and I'm not super happy with the pictures. That said, I don't think the couple was looking for anything super artsy or creative; just traditional photos, which is what they are getting. The lighting situation was very challenging for me, and I'm just not set up for that. I'm thinking about stepping away from wedding gigs for now until I get more of the equipment I would need to do the job properly.

The girls are all doing great. Rae is so smart and helpful. I've been doing some pre-school stuff with her, which she loves. She and Ruby are both in AWANA at our church, and Rae is excelling in it. She has made lots of friends at our new church and loves getting to go to her "class." We've been at Cross Pointe Church in Cambridge for about a year now, and it's been such a blessing. It has made living way out here so much better.

Ruby is in a strange phase right now where she eats paper all the time. I'll find bills with a bite taken out of the corner, cardboard books with the bindings chewed off, and at dinner she'll have her food right in front of her, yet she'll be eating the napkin! She says it tastes good. I'm at a loss.

Rosie is going to give me gray hairs before I even turn 30. She is a handful and a half. She's a very happy and smiley baby, but she's constantly getting into things she's not supposed to touch, like the dog water bowl, the remote controls, or daddy's deodorant. She has also recently learned how to climb up the dining room chairs, and the other day I found her standing in the middle of the dining room table. The poor thing has countless bonks and bruises from falling off of things, stumbling or getting knocked over.

I know it's late, but we did carve pumpkins again this year. The girls were so excited. Rosie was already in bed by the time we finished, but you can see how giddy Rae & Ruby were.

I'm slowly preparing myself for the long, cold winter months in Princeton. The dark evenings are already getting to me. I've made a lot of new friends out here since last winter, so I'm hoping I won't feel so cooped up and isolated this time around. I really do love it more and more out here every day.

I'll leave you with some funny quotes from the girls. :)

Me: "You're one smart cookie!"
Rae: "I am NOT a cookie, and cookies are NOT smart."

Ruby: "Mom, is that your wedding dress?"
Me: "Yep."
Ruby: "And is that Dad's wedding dress?"
Rae: "Ruby! Only the brides wear wedding dresses! Not the bucks!"

Me: "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"
Ruby: "No, no, no, chin, chin, chin, NO!"

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Sarah D said...

Cinderella, awe thats awesome. I bet that made your day.