I've been thinking more and more about which direction I'd like to take my photography. I've had a little taste of everything now -- weddings, families, children, newborns, seniors, events -- and while they are all fun in their own way, some I enjoy more than others. And even though I feel like it's supposed to be the epitome of having reached full photographer status, weddings are coming up at the bottom of the list for me.

Ah, weddings. Weddings are fun, but quite stressful for me. I really don't have the equipment I need to do a wedding properly. Ideally I would have a backup camera. If my wimpy little Canon Rebel crapped out on me during their wedding day, it's not like I can reschedule another shoot. The whole day would be lost. I also need better lighting equipment, better quality lenses with a wider range of focal lengths, and more/bigger memory cards. I also have to find an all-day (or most-day) babysitter every time, and every nap time and evening is filled with editing for at least a month.

What's more enjoyable to me are short, active photo shoots with families & children that only take a few days to edit. And I LOVE newborn photography. Newborns are perfect. They are so tiny and sweet. You can't go wrong with them! I would love to specialize in newborn photography. All I need is this. And this. And maybe a couple of these. *sigh* Will I ever get there?

It would be fun to set up a little studio in our house, especially for newborns and winter-time photography. My friend Dena and her kids Zion and Jelani Jr. came to our house last week and we set up a fake little backdrop. It didn't work great, but I got a couple decent shots.

Hopefully you all don't get sick of me talking about photography so much. I don't want to come off as self-consumed, but it is on my mind quite a bit. Stay tuned for a post about the girls soon. :)


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Here is a gal who does casual family and newborn photos. http://megduerksen.typepad.com/photos/babies/index.html she uses everyday things and I thought it would be an inspiration to you.

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