Fairy Tales of a Dream

The other day, Rae told me she would like to write a book. She brought me paper and markers and wanted me to be her scribe and illustrator. She told the story, and I wrote it down and drew pictures.

I wish I had taken more time with it, because by the end I was cracking up. She is just too funny for me! My penmanship is the worst you'll ever see it, and I only passed art class because...how are you going to fail a student in art?

Nevertheless, here it is in all of it's glory: Fairy Tales of a Dream by Rae Charlebois

You can click on the images to enlarge them.)

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful heart. It had golden sparkles on it, and it also had a beautiful, big, red jewel heart that shimmered in the moonlight."

"But one day, a very big planet came to Earth with a space alien on it, rolling over the mountains and over the beautiful flowers, and it floated in big lakes. It made people really sad."

"Then there was a big castle. It was made out of playing cards, and the playing cards had hearts on them. And a very beautiful princess lived in it. She had sparkling earrings, a sparkling dress, and even a sparkling crown."

"The alien jumped on the heart. Then one day, the big planet rolled all the way to the princess' castle. The princess was outside. When she saw the planet coming, she ran inside. It almost broke the princess' earrings."

"The princess sprayed fire right at the planet, and then the planet kept on getting farther and farther away until it could no longer be seen. The heart was broken into one piece, but the castle was saved. THE END!"

I love you, Rae Rae! You make every day bright!


Lynn Harpel said...

Dear Rae,
I loved your book!! Oh my, what an interesting story. It had a wonderful beginning,an exciting and dramatic middle, and a delightful ending. Every part well covered... and I hope the princess lived happily ever after. And thanks, Mommy, for the stunning illustrations. I do hear that Karen Chan teaches art classes if you should ever want to pursue things as a book writing team! I think you would do very well just like you are doing, however, because it was a total joy. Thanks for your story, I read it to my office mates too, and they all loved it as well.
Grandma Lynn

Deb said...

Awesome job, Rae!!!! Wow!!!

The Petersons said...

Bahaha....that is too funny! Good job Rae! (Audra, I thought you did a pretty good job with the artwork. MUCH better than I would have done!)