Tonight I made JP a wonderful dinner of pork chops, baby red potatoes, and a garden salad with ranch and catalina dressings. When JP saw the catalina, he asked if it was "still good" or too old to be eaten. I said I wasn't sure, but it was probably fine -- those things never really go bad, right? :)

He checked the expiration date and it said 2009! Wow! That's gross. So, I went back to the kitchen where I knew there was another bottle of catalina waiting in the fridge door. I pulled it out and checked the date, then nearly threw up a little bit in my mouth.


Let's put that in perspective, shall we?

In September 2006, I...
...had been married for only one year.
...was 4 months pregnant with my first of three children, probably not even "showing" yet.
...still lived in Brooklyn Park.
...still worked at WCCO-TV.

Somehow, that bottle of Catalina dressing survived two moves and multiple fridge "cleanings" unscathed.

How about you? Do you have any expiration date stories you'd like to share?


Bron and Jenda said...

My parents are notorious for not using meds. They'll just tough it out if they're sick (as did we when we were tots). But they have stuff on hand in case they REALLY need it or if they have company that want some. Over Thanksgiving Jon was feeling some indigestion and asked if they had any Pepto Bismal. "Oh yes! Look in our medicine cabinet." She directed him. Jon found the Pepto, but discovered (before he took it thankfully) that it had expired in the summer of 1994. I was in middle school when it expired.

Andrea said...

Umm.... GROSS!!! Wow glad you caught that before someone ate it!

A couple weeks ago I got a nasty cold and decided to take some meds to help me sleep. I dug around in our cabinet until I found some Nyquil, and then commented on how dusty the bottle was. I proceeded to check the expiration date, and saw it had expired in 2005. My mom jokingly said the alcohol in it would probably work twice as well if I wanted to knock myself out. :)