Seasonal Dyslexia

We are experiencing a case of seasonal dyslexia here in Minnesota. We're supposed to be at the peak of fall, but instead the snow has come. Trees with green leaves in fields of white. It's very confusing.I almost cried when it first snowed. But today, after the second snowfall, I'm feeling more at peace with it. The flakes fell so softly and peacefully this morning, it was hard not to enjoy it. And with the promise of more fall-like weather ahead, I can accept this early taste of winter.

Nobody was more excited in our household than Rae. She is rediscovering a world of snowballs, snow angels, and snowmen. Here is our little snowman. She is so proud of him, and as he melts she continues to build him back up, packing snow here and packing snow there.


David and Bethany said...

Cutie picture of you & Rae at the bottom of the post! ;)

Lynn Harpel said...

How can you not love this snowfall when you have such a smiley and happy snowman AND daughter!! Life is ever so happy here in the Charlebois backyard... :)
Love you, Grandma Lynn

Andrea said...

I definitely don't appreciate the early winter--especially since we got so much rain right before everything froze! I do NOT want to deal with another bad flood in the spring. Ever.
I love the pics though--especially the last one!