Ruby's 1-year Stats

Ruby finally had her 1-year checkup today. She was 22 pounds (70th percentile) and 30 3/4 inches (97th percentile). The funny thing is that she didn't grow in length at all from her 9 month appointment. Last time she was off the charts; this time she was 97th percentile. She is walking everywhere now, and is very happy about it.
Israel has a new favorite activity that she plays every day now. Every morning she "wakes up" her dolls and puts them in their "seats" in the "car." In reality, this consists of her taking them off the shelves and lining them up in rows next to each other on the steps. Every day she picks a new place to which they will journey. Popular destinations are Ava's house and Elijah's house. Sometimes it's the library, McDonalds, etc.
The dolls stay on the steps all day for us to trip over, then at bedtime Rae tucks them all in to their respective sleeping quarters. She's a good little mommy to all of them.

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