State Fair 2009

We love the fair, and we were thrilled to make it twice this year; once with the kids, and once without.
Our first visit was sans children. We dropped the girls off with my parents and hooked up with our friends James and Alyssa. We mostly just ate and ate and ate, with some people watching thrown in for good times. We also met up with our friends Dave, Molly & Deb along the way.
Two days later, we returned to the fair with our darlings in tow. They were both awed by all of the sights, sounds and smells we encountered. We made it down the giant slide (my first time!) and onto the carousel. Rae got her first taste of cotton candy. Once we got home, I was appalled at what all I had fed my 11-month-old baby: corn dog, cheese curds, french fries, mini donuts, and ice cream, just to name a few!!!
We met up with our friends Sarah and Molly (again) this time. Thanks for the fun! Let's do it again next year!

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Sarah Johnson said...

Very cute pictures, Audra. You have a beautiful family.