Pen Pals

Since Micah and his family moved to North Carolina, we are trying to keep the kids connected by writing letters and sending packages back and forth. We send pictures and drawings and let the kids dictate (with some help) the letters we write for their cousins.
The other day we received a letter from Malachi that was SO CUTE, I just had to post it. Rae's response was equally as cute, so hers is after that.
We miss you, M/M/M/Z/A!

Dear JP, Audra, Israel, and Ruby,
Hi! How are you? I love you and you are my cousin, Rae Rae! I liked the picture you sent us, and the letter. Thank you for the box! Thank you for the glow snakes and for the gummies with juice in them. Yes, I like my new house and my new pool. The birds come to eat the bird seed and the deer come to eat the corn. Yes, I like to swim in my new pool. Yes, Anna is getting big. I want to dance and blow bubbles with you, too!
When you come and visit us, we can swim in our pool, and jump. We can also play wrestle, go exploring, and play with the hose, and put blankets on our heads and bonk into things! :) We can do diggers and play in the sand, and we can go to a store and look at things, and go on a walk and take pictures! Wow! That's a lot! It will be lots of fun! Talk to you soon!
Malachi (and Uncle Micah, Auntie Missy, Zach and Anna)
P.S. When we take a walk, we can eat snacks too!
And Israel's scatterbrained response:

Dear Malachi and Zach,
Hi! I'm doing good! Thanks for your letter and the pictures. I have a Bible and I have flowers. My Bible has pictures about Jesus.
When we come see you, we can go camping and play games! We have been praying for George the kitty cat
[their cat was lost, but he's home now]. We saw a turtle at my Gammy's house. Mommy catched him but he scratched her. Then he swimmed away. Now he's under the dock.
I have a new tricycle that my G & Bompa bought for me. It's red and white and it has a bell. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Target and have fun!
When we go on a walk, we can eat Dora snacks!
My favorite part about the pictures you sent is the trucks. Maybe we could ride in a wagon! I could be happy!
Ruby eats big girl food now. It's cereal. It's yucky.
I went to a park, and when I slide down the super big slide I was afraid. But then I wasn't scared anymore and I climbed up the slide. Maybe another time we can go back to the park and you can come with us and climb. And we can do the swings!
I lub you,
Rae Rae
P.S. My full name is Israel Hope Charlebois. And Ruby's nickname is Ruba-dooba.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!


Peter, Amber, Elijah, Naomi and Baby Peterson-- said...

Love it!

Deb said...

LOL! That made my day, Audra!

Missy Harpel said...

I love the letters! Lets keep them going!!