Just Add TLC

Last week, JP was browsing craigslist for nothing in particular when he ran across a listing that caught his eye. It was a 1977 Dodge Sportsman RV with only 57,900 miles on it for $1000. JP has always dreamed of owning an RV for the many road trips we plan to take as a family over the years. He decided that it was worth seeing, so that night he drove to St. Cloud to check it out. When he got there, he found a treasure!
It may not be the most gorgeous thing to look at, but this "camper truck" (as Rae calls it) has all the bells and whistles, AND it runs! All it needs is some TLC, which we intend to give it! And the very best part is that JP was able to talk the guy down to $560!!!!!
This truck has it all -- a large bed over the cab that folds up to provide extra head-room when not in use; an eating area; a cabinet bed over the eating area; a couch that folds down into another bed; a stove/oven/sink/fridge in the kitchen area; a bathroom with a shower and linen closet; AC and heat; tons of storage; and an exterior that has very little rust.
JP and I are both excited to redeem this truck! Some of the greatest blessings in our life together have come from redeeming things that other people didn't want. Take JP's work van, for instance. He bought that 1983 Chevy for $1300 and it has been an INCREDIBLE blessing to us and our business. JP took the time to learn how to work on it and has all but replaced the entire engine for just the cost of parts. He repaired all of the rust and turned it into a vintage treasure that makes us money every time he takes it out. And because he took the time to do that, he now knows how to get this RV into perfect working condition. Some new belts, new tires, minor tune-ups and a facelift, and we've got ourselves one heck of a family-mobile.
Keep checking back. I'll do my best to keep you posted as we move forward with our new project. JP has already fixed the screen door and some engine parts. We got new tabs for it and drove it to Menards as a family the other day. :) We've cleaned out all of the junk the previous owner left behind and plan to move on to cosmetics soon: tearing out the orange shag carpet (even on the ceiling!), sewing new curtains, replacing the upholstery, etc.
If all goes well, we'd love to take our maiden voyage by mid to late summer. Where to go first...decisions, decisions!

Here she is! What a beauty!
View looking towards the front. Notice how the passenger seat swivels around to face the rear! The sleeping area is above, and the couch on the left has seat belts, so car seats are no problem. Also, the dash is in immaculate condition. We'll probably just add a CD player.
View facing the rear
Fold-down bed over the eating area
The kitchen. Not pictured: paper towel dispenser and fire extinguisher!
The bathroom. Can you read the little plaque? (click photo for larger view)
The shower. Who wants to go first?


Beth Smith said...

Looks like so much fun!! What a good buy!! Keep updating us on the improvements!! =)

David and Bethany said...

I have a GREAT suggestion for your first trip in it!....or, Texas doesn't even have to be your first trip, but we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you!!!! ;) Looks like fun! Emily always begged (not joking) my parents for a "camper." :)

Dave H said...

Sweet deal! tell your hubby, nice work...

Deb said...

What a cool story! I like how you guys are both so excited about it! Your family trips are going to be so much fun. :)