Rae's Recital

Last night, Israel participated in her very first music recital! As I mentioned before, she has been taking little "musikgarten" classes. This was the grand finale for the winter/spring session. We plan to sign her back up for the spring/summer session because she did so well and had so much fun.
I've managed to get one video posted of the first song they did, "Wake Me, Shake Me." Rae is front and center, the smallest one (the class is for ages 2-5). They also did one other song and a poem. If I have time later I'll post the other song, but its not as cute as this one.
Sorry for the video quality. We recently sold our video camera because we hardly every used it (go figure), so this was recorded on our digital camera. JP was struggling to video one-handed while holding Ruby and dodging the head of the gentleman in front of him. I'm up front as one of the parent helpers.


David and Bethany said...

That's so great! I'm so glad (of course) that she's getting into music lessons early.....I've heard a lot of good about Musikgarten, as well as their big competitor Kindermusic! ;)

Sarah D said...

So sweet! Is she the one making the cute squeeking noises?

The Charlebois said...

Yes, Rae is the squeaky one! :)

Anonymous said...

Still cracks me up every time I watch it. Especially when she stops and bends over to admire her neighbor's shoes-LOL!!

Beth Smith said...

I hope you still enroll for the spring and summer semester!! I really look forward to seeing you both again! Call me sometime so we can talk about it- we are thinking of making it 3:30pm instead of 3pm.... this would help with naps and hopefully draw more students. Let me know!!! =) Hope to hear from you soon!!!