Anna Malia Harpel

I am the happy new aunt of a beautiful baby girl. Anna Malia Harpel was born on the 29th. 6 pounds, 15 ounces, 19 inches long. She is so tiny and sweet!
Missy wasn't due until January 6th, but was induced so that Micah could be home for the birth. Everything went very smoothly and quickly. Micah has to go back to Georgia for more training on the 6th, so they only have a few precious days to enjoy together. Please keep their whole family in your prayers!
Here is the little sweetie...


Anonymous said...

VERY pretty baby! Congrats to Micah and Missy-


jerarbw said...

Oh she's a doll!!! Congrats to Micah and Missy!


Priya said...

Good thing i keep checking your blog. :-) i hadn't heard missy had her baby. she's a cutie and i love the name!