A Weekend in Autumn

We spent a wonderful fall weekend out at JP's dad & step-mom's place. We've been out there a lot as JP helps them rebuild their deck. This weekend we took advantage of Saturday's weather and went to Fall Harvest Orchard in Montrose, MN. It was more of a petting farm trip than an orchard. There were goats, pigs, chickens, cows...and the girls had tons of fun playing with them.
Feeding the Goats

The corn pool

JP the goat whisperer

"Punkin patch!"

On Sunday Margie threw herself a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party for the girls. They loved wearing the party hats and received Dora balloons and goody bags.

We also put the girls in their costumes for a photo shoot. Ava is a mouse, but you can't really tell because she wouldn't put her hood up! Rae is a ladybug and Ruby is our sweet pea.


brenda said...

AAAH! I don't believe it! Abi is also going as a ladybug and i swear it's the same costume! We even got it at a rummage sale (never been worn) so it's completely random. We'll have to get a shot of the kids together as ladybugs!

Peter, Amber, Elijah, Naomi and Baby Peterson-- said...

So, JP looks really cool in that picture of him...with the goat. In fact, with his pose, the unique and slightly serious look on his face...he looks very manly. But, then....he has a goat in his arms. Bummer. =)

margaret said...

We went to that same orchard last year! My kids really liked it because of the animals... especially when one of the goats grabbed our bag of food as we were feeding it to him!

Cole said...

JP the goat whisperer is a classic picture...had me laughing oput loud here in the library!