Funny Story of the Week

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to give the girls a bath. Normally I put Rae in the tub and wash Ruby in the sink, but I decided to do them both in the tub together this time. Things were going great...until Ruby pooped in the tub (sorry if this is too gross for the average reader). The poop started spreading all through the water as I frantically tried to get both of their slippery, naked bodies rinsed with clean water and out of the tub.
I got Rae out first, and she started running around the house yelling "I'm nakey! I'm nakey!" I hurried to get Ruby out and into a clean diaper so I could get a diaper on Rae as well. THEN, as if on cue, Caleb (the dog) puked on the living room floor. Israel, in all her curiosity, went to check it out and ended up stepping in it, slipping, and falling down. With Ruby all cleaned up, I then proceeded to wipe away Rae's tears, clean the puke off of her, and get her dried off and into some clothes.
During the entire fiasco, my phone was ringing over and over and over again. I had 15 missed calls from JP and numerous voicemails wondering why on earth I wasn't answering the phone. One voicemail said, "It's me, JP. Just calling to let you know that I'm dying. I wanted to say goodbye, but you're not answering your phone. So the last time you'll ever hear my voice is on a voicemail." (how dramatic)
Anyhow, it was a fun day. :) Here's to life with two!


Anonymous said...

Great story! I better have a chat with JP about the virtues of patience-I guess he doesn't realize how full ones hands can be with two little girls:)

Great pictures as well-I'm gonna print them out right away!


jerarbw said...

Ah thanks for the great laugh! Gotta love those crazy moments!

Peter, Amber, Elijah, Naomi and Baby Peterson-- said...

That is hilarious! I TOTALLY understand! Although...it is never very funny when it is all happening...just afterwards...when the kids are finally asleep and you are standing in the living room by yourself just staring out the window...with a blank stare...and enjoying every second of the...nothingness. =) Should be really funny with 3 kids, eh? =)

Bron and Jenda said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Laughed my head off, Audra :) I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it, dear. I guess all you can do in that situation is laugh!

Dena and Zion said...

lol that is too funny, i can see it all happening in my head too. i can see jp saying that in a message too, lol.