One Week Left

Today I had my 39-week check-up. Much to my horror, I learned that I gained SEVEN POUNDS last week ALONE! That's a pound a day! And that's NOT NORMAL!
The doc said 3-4 pounds could probably be attributed to water retention (my ankles and legs are a bit swollen). He recommended I sit down with my feet up for AN HOUR AND A HALF (straight time, not broken up) every day. Moms -- do any of you have an extra hour and a half to sit down with your feet up each day? Because I certainly don't!
All that said, we are very excited to be only one week away from Ruby's due date (Wed, the 24th) and are ready for her when she decides to come! Here is a picture of my 39-week belly. It has taken on a very strange bullet shape as the baby moves into "ready position."


Lynette said...

Maybe the dr. meant a MINUTE and a half?! We are excited for you and can hardly wait to meet Ruby. Hope your last week goes well!
Love ya!

Bron and Jenda said...

Oh my gosh, yay! So close! My ankles swelled so much that you could push them in about a half inch and you'd leave a dent. It grossed Jon out :)

She is "bullet-shaped." Heehee, it's like she's gonna torpedo out!