Belated State Fair Blog

Rae and I made it out the state fair three times this year; once with our friend Sarah, once with JP's family, and once just with JP.
Our first visit was on opening day. It was beautiful outside and not crowded yet as we got there in the morning. Rae loved seeing all the animals, especially the "babies" in the Miracle of Birth center. We originally planned to just go with Sarah, but two international students ended up coming with us, and I was so glad they did! They were a blast -- everything was completely new, exciting and very "touristy" to them. They wanted pictures of everything. They had never heard of cheese curds or funnel cakes. It was a blast! But there was one sad spot in the day -- my first fair food stop is always the meat patties from the West Indies Soul stand in the food building, but when I went there this year, the stand was gone!!!!! I was heartbroken.
Rae meets the miniature horses
Sarah and the cow
Bird's eye view
Thanks for a fun day, Sarah!
We returned to the fair on Saturday with the Charlebois side of JP's family. We're now a two double-stroller family...with Ava & Rae in one and the twins in another. The highlight of this trip was the giant slide. JP took Rae down it twice. She absolutely loved it and kept wanting to go "again!" Here's a low-quality video for your enjoyment (Margie & Ava are on the left, JP & Rae on the right; the yelling comes from Margie):

Rae also loved the carousel. This is not the best picture we got, but it's the only one I have on my computer right now.

Another beautiful thing happened this day. On the drive to the fair I decided to go online on my iPhone and check the food finder to see if my meat patties were really gone. Much to my delight, I found out that they had only moved!!! They are now located in the new Bazaar, and if you have never tried a meat pattie from West Indies Soul, I HIGHLY recommend you make the Bazaar a stop on your visit next year (don't forget the sauce!)!
The chubby prego discovers her food is still at the fair!
Rae & Daddy at the Bazaar
The whole crew (the babies are in their bjorns)

The final trip back was just the three of us (JP, Rae and myself) and consisted of all the major food stops (meat patties, french fries, sweet martha's, corn on the cob, etc.), Rae's first mini donut, and three more rides on the giant slide. JP also took Rae "up high" on the Sky Ride. She thought that was pretty awesome.

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Bonny said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the Fair!!! I am so sad to have missed it this year! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

PS You are an adorable pregnant person! ;)