Goodbye, Micah

This morning, I went with Missy to Fort Snelling to see Micah take his oath and enlist in the U.S. Army. Minutes later, he was on his way to Fort Benning, GA.
Emotions couldn't be any more mixed. We are so proud of him, yet so sad to see him go. The good news is that we found out that he'll be home for Christmas for about a week! That makes a huge difference, especially for Missy & the boys.
According to Micah & Missy...
"Basic training lasts about three months. He will graduate with the MOS11B, which means 'Infantryman.' We will fly down to see him graduate at this time. This will be sometime in November.
"Since Micah's goal is to become '18X,' Special Forces, he continues at Fort Benning to Airborne School. This 3-4 week course consists of parachuting out of airplanes.
"After passing Airborne school, Micah moves to Fort Bragg, NC where he starts his training and selection process for the Special Forces. For one month he will be in Special Forces Prep Course.
"After passing the Special Forces Prep Course, and after about 6 months TOTAL time of him being in training, he will be able to come home on a one-month leave; hopefully around February 12th. Once home, he will gather up our things, and us, and we move down to Fort Bragg, NC. Micah then continues Special Forces training, which can take up to two years. It is unsure exactly where we will be during those two years of training, but we will be together in the same home, and for that I (Missy) and thankful!"
Here are some specific prayer requests Micah and Missy have for all of you:
  • For Micah's body to recover quickly from one day to the next
  • For favor from his commanders
  • For Micah & Missy to both stay spiritually strong
  • That he would pass all his training
  • That he would not worry about his family back at home
  • That his time away from the family would be no more than 6 months
  • For Godly friends/fellowship
  • That their marriage would stay strong
  • For frequent communication opportunities
  • That the boys would do well during this transitional time
  • That Micah and the boys' relationship would stay strong
  • For baby #3 to stay healthy
  • That Micah would be able to come home for the birth of baby #3
Please do keep them, and all of these things, in your prayers!

Last night, we had one final farewell dinner together as a family. Here are some pictures of that as well as from today. They wouldn't allow pictures during the actually swearing in ceremony, but I was able to get some of the final goodbyes between Micah, Missy and the boys.

We love you, Micah, and we are so proud of you!!!!!!

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Alyssa Rose said...

Those are great pictures!
We will really miss Micah and Missy and their family. I know it must be very difficult for your family and yet I know you are proud of him. I know how much you love your brother!