Potty Time...for real this time?

This morning after Israel's bath I set her on the "big girl" potty and to my great surprise and delight -- she used it! I was so thrilled! I made a huge fuss over her, then decided to leave her diaper off for the rest of the morning. She proceeded to potty on the floor three times. :)
Nevertheless, I think we are going to really get started on this potty training thing after all. We went to Target and bought a bunch of pretty undies (sesame street, dora, disney princess, my little pony, and curious george), and after her nap I'm going to put her in one of them. I have some stickers ready for rewards. We'll take it slow and let her get used to the idea -- I don't want to frustrate her. I think with patience and persistence, she'll be able to get it by the time the new baby arrives.
Be praying! :)
Here is a super cute picture my mom took of Rae last week -- I could just eat her up!


Anonymous said...

What a darling picture!! Love her curls and the little fat rolls around her wrists-just precious:)

Hope the potty training goes well!


Lori said...

She is adorable!!

The twins are adorable too!! Congrats to your entire family!!

Margie told me I could see pics on your page - pics you have!! They are great - thanks for sharing!!