I couldn't stop the tears when I found out this morning that 4-year-old Mieko Johnson had died. She's the daughter of one of my former co-workers, WCCO reporter Maya Nishikawa. Maya and I sat right next to each other at WCCO.
Mieko was born with a disorder called trisomy 18, which is the presence of an extra 18th chromosome. Most trisomy 18 babies only make it a few months. Only 10% make it past one year. Mieko, the champion, was 4 years old and loved life -- she had even learned to walk with a walker.
My heart aches for Maya & her husband. Even though they knew this day would come, I'm sure that doesn't help ease the pain one bit. We will all miss Mieko and her sweet smile.
Please keep Maya & her husband in your prayers.

Here is more information on Mieko from WCCO.COM.
-Video Obituary
-A slideshow of Mieko's life.
-A report Maya did about Mieko's condition around her first birthday


Alyssa Knoblauch said...

What a beautiful little girl, we will be praying for her parents

Anonymous said...

Dearest Audra-

I saw this in the paper on Sunday and was so sad. I didn't realize you were friends with the Mom. They were so blessed to have her for 4 years. I will pray for them as well-