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While we were in Kentucky, the worship team from their local church (Cornerstone Church of Lexington) announced they are participating in a scouting competition for their local version of the Sonshine Festival. Basically, they are one of many Christian bands competing for a chance to play at the festival. They call themselves Appian Way.
These guys are awesome, and they have a true heart to worship God. JP and I were looking through the bands to vote for, and even though it is Christian competition, Appian Way was one of the few bands to declare Christ and their vision to worship Him in their statement.
PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM!!!!! It will only take a second!

Click here to vote!

You can vote every day until the competition ends. Please support these worshipers in their quest to shout it from the rooftops!

About the name: Appian Way is the name of the street where Cornerstone Church of Lexington meets. But it is also the name of a road in ancient Rome that was considered one of Rome's main arteries. It was called the "Queen of Roads." As Christianity began to spread through Rome, the Appian Way became one of the most vital passageways for spreading the gospel. Pretty cool, huh?

Other links:
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Appian Way electronic press kit (you can listen to a recording of one of their original songs here)
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