Home from KY

We are back from our road trip to Kentucky! And we had a great time! Israel did SOOOOO great in the car, both the way down and the way back up. We were so blessed and proud of her sweet and content spirit. In the end, it took us 14 hours both ways. That's a bit longer than we had expected, but we also took our time, made quite a few stops, and tried to enjoy the drive.
John & Julie's wedding was beautiful and anointed. They had a "He is exalted" theme in the music and message. It was so wonderful to see old friends and for them to meet my family. Some of them had met JP before, but only one of the gang had ever met Rae.
We were pretty bummed to come home to 35 degree weather last night after being in the 70's down south where all of the trees have leaves and blossoming trees were in full bloom everywhere. It was beautiful. But we are glad to be home and thankful for opportunity to take this first family road trip!
For those of you who know John, pictures from their wedding will be available as of Friday, May 2nd here. If you click here you can see some of their engagement pictures.

Here are some of my pictures from the trip.

The car ride down

The happy couple

Me & Rachel

Me & Erica

My husband was a huge blessing to me while we were down there. He occupied the baby while I was being little miss social and would even take her back to the hotel for bed so I could go hang out with my friends. He, in return, loved the quality time with Rae.

Playing with dandelions


chad welch said...

Glad you had a good trip to Kentucky. It has a special place in our heart. We lived in Louisville for 3 years and Cooper was born in KY.

It seems like kids tend to go one way or the other on car trips. Ours too have been good travelers which has been a blessing with all our relatives living so far away.

Bron & Jenda said...

I love the dandelion shots :) so adorable and huggable!!