Rosie is 4!

It has been 9 months since I last updated this blog. I don't meant to neglect it. It's just so much easier to post pictures and news on Facebook. But I'm trying to steer away from that route since Facebook keeps no record of all of our memories, and on the blog, I can look back as with a journal.

There's no cuter way to break back into blogging than by celebrating Rosie's 4th birthday!

She requested a pink horsey cake with a rainbow mane, and you better believe Mama made it happen!

I can't believe it has been four years since I woke our neighbors up at 2 am to see if they could stay with our sleeping girls while we raced to the too-far-away hospital and barely made it in time to welcome Johnye Rose into the world.

No time for an epidural with her -- it was my first (and hopefully my last) natural birth. She continues to be my all-natural wonder girl, radiating joy and life everywhere she goes.

Rosie's smile is infectious. She is my girly-girl, always wearing dresses, necklaces, and sparkly shoes. She brushes her hair 3x/day and asks for lipstick and blush every opportunity she gets. She loves to sing in a very dramatic way, and she write the most beautiful worship songs to Jesus while she plunks on the piano. It's not unusual to catch her singing to herself like this:

Johnye Rose, you are simply amazing. You are so smart (you already write your name and can count higher than any 4-year-old I've ever met!), you love the Lord, you are affectionate and spunky and love to be in the spotlight. You remind me of another little girl from a long time ago. ;)

Keep being you, keep shining, and never let your spark fade away! WE LOVE YOU, ROSIE!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl.
Happy Birthday Rosie!!

Mary Bowar

Erin said...

Yay! You're back! Happy Birthday to Rosie, and the cake looks great!