Suzuki Piano + 2 Quotes

Time to get back to posting for the sake of journaling. Rae and I have been going back to read through old posts lately and laugh at the funny quotes and stories. Such great memories!

Rae started piano lessons this week. We decided to find a Suzuki teacher. The Suzuki method is based on the idea that children learn to speak by listening before they learn to read. In the same way, this approach to music teaches the children to listen and learn by ear first, then introduces reading music a bit later. I'm hoping this way of learning will help my children avoid the crutch of needing music that I have. I struggle to play by ear, and I've always wished I could just sit down at the piano and create music.

At first, Rae was not very excited about piano. She promised me she'd "give it a try," and now she is loving it. She even declared Tuesdays (lesson day) her second favorite day of the week, after Sunday. :)


Words of wisdom from Rae:

Rae: "Don't fall for that old saying that bigger is always better. It's not always true. Like, a bigger tree house is better, but a bigger sloppy joe is NOT."


...And in honor of our freezing temps as of late:

Rosie: "It is BOILING cold outside!"

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