When the Ground Falls Out From Under Our Feet

Recently, I've been very shaken by all of the news of young children dying in sudden and seemingly unpreventable accidents. 
I wept at the thought of those children in Oklahoma, terrified as the tornado ripped through their school, helpless as the ceiling collapsed and the waters rose. 
Again I couldn't hold back the tears when a landslide left four children sliding into a giant sinkhole, rapidly filling with water. Two boys would reach out for anything they could grasp onto, and find nothing. 
I've ached at the thought of parents who never imagined they'd never see their children alive again. I've groaned for teachers who were helpless to protect the precious, young lives in their care. I've cried for the surviving students, young children who had to watch their friends' last moments. None of them will ever be the same. 
I am aware that I cannot protect my children from everything. I can't keep them tethered to my side or wrap them in bubble wrap or forbid them to ever leave our home. I can pray, feed them healthy foods, take care of them, take necessary precautions, and even homeschool -- but that won't protect them from all of the dangers that are out there. 
If I can't protect their bodies, I will desperately cling to the One who can protect their souls. If I can't shelter them from every danger, I will teach them to abide under the shelter of the Almighty. I will teach my children about Jesus and what He did, so that when the ground falls out from under their feet, they will know Who to call. 

Please be praying for these families; but don't just say you will pray. Please, actually pray. I don't know how a parent gets up the next day after losing a child without supernatural strength. 


David and Bethany said...

This is beautiful, Audra. I haven't watched the news at all lately, but I remember seeing a picture of a mom who lost her daughter in the December shooting when she found out her daughter wasn't showing up at the fire station...that image has stuck with me so vividly. So thankful we have a God to cling to...and so thankful for these little lives we have to love.

Sarah said...

I have been thinking similar thoughts lately. So much sadness. Your post was a good reminder to depend on Jesus and that our children are in his hands.

Erin said...

I hear you. I find myself getting tears in my eyes at the news more and more often.