Early Ultrasound

I was very excited when my new OB doctor told me that at our new clinic here in Princeton, all pregnancies are greeted with an early ultrasound. They do it to determine the baby's age and check for multiple fetuses. I've never gotten to have a first trimester ultrasound before (only at 20 weeks). It was such a joy to get to see our new little wonder, wiggling around as if to wave it's first hello to me and his or her three sisters.

I apologize...the photo is a cell phone snapshot of an ultrasound printout. I know it's not easy to interpret these things to start out with! The baby's head is on the left, with its little feet sticking up on the right. The bright spot by his head is its little arm up next to its cheek. At this point (just about 10 weeks), the baby is still only about an inch long, but it has lost its "tail" and tadpole sort of look. All four chambers of the heart are fully formed as are his or her little eyes. Life is so amazing and so precious.

At one point the baby did a little "happy dance" for us, wiggling its arms and legs up and down and seeming to bounce on its little back in a little break dance move. The girls absolutely loved it, and so did I. My due date remains the same (10/31/12) and I continue to feel wonderful, although I'm pretty exhausted by about 8:30 pm.

My "big" ultrasound will probably happen sometime in June, and yes, at that point we WILL be hoping to find out the gender. We have our boy name picked out but are still undecided on a girls name. :)