Official Announcement + a Promise

Joe & Becky officially announced their little blessing, which means I can officially post a couple of the photos I got to take a couple weeks ago! I'll post the ones they used.

So exciting! Aww, and they are so cute. I can't believe Joe is going to be a daddy! :)
Here is another one. I can't take credit for the cute shoe idea -- it was Becky's mom's!

And just to give you a glimpse at how anal I am about photos for other people: below is the photo I originally edited and gave to Becky. Once I saw it floating around Facebook, I started hating it. It was driving me absolutely NuTzO that I didn't rotate the photo to make the shoes level.

So here is before...
and after...

I know, I'm nutzo. But I think it looks better that way.

I am slowly working through the photos from Rae's big princess party last weekend, but time has been scarce! I don't think the blog will be as time consuming as the Christmas 2011 blog (I think that one takes the cake for all time), but it was a super fun day and I want to make sure to record all of the details so we have it preserved forever.

BTW, the party was a huge success! I can't wait to share stories and photos from Rae's big day. She will never forget it!

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture(s) of the feet....