Tree & Quotes from Rae

Today we cut down our Christmas tree from a local tree farm owned by a family in our church. The experience was so much fun, especially for the kids. The tree smells wonderful, and I love pulling each of the ornaments out of the box for the first time each year. Each one holds a special memory.
I was really impressed with what a difference one year has made in the girls' decorating skills. Last year all of the ornaments were huddled in one section around the bottom of the tree. This year, they pulled out the step stool from the bathroom to reach higher places, or asked me to place it where they wanted it (if it was out of their reach). We watched The Grinch and sang "Oh Christmas Tree," then sat back and soaked in the beauty.

Rae at bedtime: "Mom, may I please have a sip of ice water?"
Me: "Didn't you just have a sip of water when you brushed your teeth?"
Rae: "No, those were gulps."

Rae (eating an apple): "It's amazing how just by eating an apple, you can turn it into a core."

Rae to Gammy: "My poop stinks."
Gammy: "That's ok, everybody's poop stinks."
Rae: "Not my mom's."

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Sarah D said...

Haha! Love the quotes. Beautiful tree.