Prairie Land

Today, we visited a lush, green prairie. The tall grasses swayed in the wind and buzzed with busy insects.

Actually, it was just our back yard, which hasn't been mowed once this year.

You see, our mower has been broken. It needed a new belt and an oil change.

This is easy work for JP, but he's been working 16+ hour days -- every day -- for the last month. He finally had some time to work on it this past weekend, but just as he was finishing, he threw out his back and had to stop.

So until he can finish it up and we can mow, we will continue to live in our little house on the prairie. Don't judge.


CrystalAM said...

Ha! I got a kick out of this post. Hey man, you're totally living the country life this way! Put some bonnets on the girls then it can be called a unit study of Little House on the Prairie!

Sarah D said...

I love your little house on the prairie! :)

molly said...

take advantage of it girl:) we would get a ticket if we let our grass get that long:(

Anonymous said...

At this point what you need are a few hungry horses or goats!...a mower won't get through this anyway. Maybe a neighbor with a hay bailer would be your next best option! Shoo away snakie, snakie...

Love you all!! Mom