I'm happy to say that Ruby is on the upswing. She is back to her old self, smiling, laughing, and picking on Rae. She still has mild diarrhea, but not as severe as before, and she's eating and drinking plenty.

Rae, on the other hand, spiked a fever of 101.6 last night. She didn't eat her dinner, either. I gave her some Tylenol and put her to bed. This morning her fever was down to 99.6 and she seems to be feeling better. She has complained of a tummy ache a couple times, but nothing has come of it (puking, diarrhea, etc.).

Rosie is oblivious to it all and as happy as can be! We're still praying the rest of us avoid this nasty bug.

Rosie living the high life


In other news, I've started Jillian Michael's "30-day Shred." She's the lady from the TV show "The Biggest Loser." I'm probably crazy to announce this, because now I'll have all of you to hold me accountable. That's normally a good thing, but since I've never completed any sort of work-out commitment in my life, it could be a bad thing! It's really going to be more like the "60-day shred" since I'm only holding myself accountable to working out every other day.

My ideal goal is to drop 20 pounds, but I'd be happy with 15. :) Honestly, I don't keep a scale, because I have a history of obsessing over the numbers, so I'm really just going to go off of how I look, how I feel, and how my clothes fit.

I remember after Rae was born, the weight came off so easily. She was born on a Saturday, and on Wednesday I went to church in my regular jeans. I still own those pre-kid jeans. If I can fit into them comfortably, I'll be happy.


Speaking of weight, Rae & Ruby went in for checkups a couple weeks ago. Rae was 41.2 pounds (87%) and 45" tall (99%). Ruby was 31.2 pounds (82%) and 35" tall (68%). They are growing so quickly.

I got highly irritated when the nurse told me that Rae was "at risk of growing up to be underweight." Funny thing is, last time they told me she was at risk of growing up to be OVERweight! If you ask me, SHE'S FOUR, PEOPLE. She's not at risk for anything yet. It's called a growth spurt. Kids have them. Leave mine alone.

Rae just had a growth spurt. She was in 3T clothes for a very long time, then she zipped right through 4T and is now in 5T. I swear, she only wore 4T for about 2 months. Now Ruby is in 3T and has millions of clothes, and Rae only has a few things that actually fit her!


Rae just woke up; I'd better get back to being a mom!


CrystalAM said...

My mops group is having a clothing exchange. i'll hook you up.

bruce said...

I miss my sweeties smiles. Ask them what they want me to tell Malachi, Zach, Anna, and baby J. Love you guys, Lv, D

Bonny said...

How's the 30 day shred going? I did it a while back and am planning on starting again soon. In fact I already had planned on starting but remembering how sore I was last time after the first week when I was in much better shape than I am now has caused me to procrastinate. :) She is brutal! But she definitely gets results. I have a friend who did the shred every day faithfully for 30 days and took pictures. Huge motivator for me!! You can see such a difference! I definitely recommend taking before and afters.

Bron and Jenda said...

I have the 30-Day Shred, but never did the 30 day challenge. I only did it a couple times a week once I could exercise comfortably again. But I loved how I felt afterward! I especially loved how it was short enough for me to do the work out and get washed up afterward before the kids woke up from naps. Keep me updated on your progress :)

And the weight issues are totally bogus! Holy smokes. Kids grow in spurts and they'll be short and fat before the spurt and tall and lean afterward. Just the fact that they gave you opposite warnings in one year's time tells you they're probably way more in the middle of the road than they think.