Some of my Favorites

Sorry it's been a while. Not much new to report here. We're just enjoying summer and each other. We are looking forward to a visit from Micah, Missy and the kids this weekend, and I'm sure we'll have pictures and stories from that visit soon.
Here are some of my favorite pictures as of late. Enjoy!


Rae built this "bridge" with only limited help from Mommy
Bubble machine bliss
Sweet corn is a summer favorite in our house
Sadie the snuggler
Ruby helps daddy diagnose the dishwasher
We're at Target and from behind me I hear, "Mommy! I'm inside!" I turn around to find this:


Erin said...

They are going to love watermelon forever! (Love that one of Sadie, too!)

Lynette said...

Great pics Audra! The "Mommy, I'm inside" definitely is better than calling for your daughter and she doesn't answer. After frantically searching you finally find her in a space on the shelf that was just her side. When asked what she was doing she answers, "I hiding". Yeah, kids -- you gotta love 'em!