Quick Update

Tomorrow we are headed out for our long overdue first camping trip of the season. The forecast says thundershowers tomorrow and Friday, but we're praying for that 40-50% chance that it WON'T rain! Pray with us!
This was a big week for Ruby. She is now officially a crawler! We got her very first crawling experience on video, so hopefully I can get that uploaded soon. With the crawling came the confidence to try pulling up on things as well. It won't be long till she's walking along the furniture, I'm sure! Ruby also started clapping yesterday, which is the cutest thing.
Israel is doing very well using the "big girl potty." We've started and stopped so many times, but only now have I really seen the motivation on HER side to do it. Rae doesn't like it when you call her a baby; "I'm just a big girl," she'll tell you. So the other day, JP explained to her one day that diapers are for babies. "Ruby is a baby, and she wears diapers. If you really want to be a big girl, you should use the big girl potty. " That seemed to do the trick! Now she just wants to be big!
That's all for now. I'll have lots of pictures and stories when we get home from camping.

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