Sesame Street Live

G and Bompa (JP's mom & step-dad) gave Rae & Ava the best gift ever this weekend...front-row tickets to Sesame Street Live at the Target Center!!! I have never seen Rae sit so still and so engrossed for such a long time. The characters were right in front of us and at certain points they would come down off the stage and interact with the kids. We were in the perfect position right at the bottom of the steps...so the characters would come right down and touch Rae & Ava's hands, honk their noses for them, etc.
It was a blast to watch them both have such a great time - thanks, G & Bompa for the memory!!!!

The count stops by...I am not zoomed in at all!
Saying hello to Ava.
G bought the girls balloons. Rae's accidentally ended up at the roof of the Target Center less than five minutes after this picture (my bad).
They sat like this - totally engrossed - almost the entire time.
I think Lisa, Gail and I had just as much fun as the girls.
We made friends with the girls sitting next to us. You can see where we were in relation to the stage/steps well in this picture.

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