Good Riddance

When JP and I first got married, we chose not to put a TV in our house. We lived that way for about a year. But when the '06 football season came around, JP decided he didn't want to live that way anymore and we got a very nice HDTV.
Now, a year later, we have decided to get rid of the TV again. It just ends up distracting us from precious time spent together and with the baby. So...now we embark on a period of TV "weaning." I think we've both gotten spoiled to it. I don't have it on much during the day, but on the evenings that JP works late I like to flip on a movie or re-runs of "What Not to Wear." :) And JP has used it as a prop to help him fall asleep at night.
It's going to take some getting used to, but I am already very happy with our decision. Last night our house was so peaceful. No flashing lights or blaring commercials. Just music playing softly as we hung out as a family.
As we did the first year of our marriage, we will probably continue to rent movies and watch them on our laptop from time to time. I won't have the Style network anymore...and we'll both miss the Colbert Report. I don't know what we're going to do when Lost starts back up again. :) But it's worth it.
So long, TV!!! And good riddance!!!


Brenda L said...

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but you can watch Lost on your computer the day after it airs:

Stephanie Balvin said...

You can pretty much any show online now. Maybe that's not a good thing for you all! I think that choice is great. I often times wish we didn't have a tv either.