What's New?

Not much here...that's why I haven't been posting much! But as a quick update...
...Israel now has TWO teeth (bottom ones) and can roll from her back to her tummy now. I tried to get a picture of them, but this is all I came up with:
*Sigh* Oh well, when I get one I'll let you know. :)
In other news, after only one year, we have sold our cute little Scion xB. We bought it when we thought we had a buyer for JP's second work van, but the buyer backed out. We can't afford to carry three car notes any longer, and it makes the most sense to sell the Scion. The good news is that it sold relatively quickly to a great, Christian lady. She's this funky, 60-something, spirit-filled grandma who was SO excited that we were Christians, too.
I have to admit, though, that I am pretty sad to see the car go. I actually cried about it last night (I'm such a weeper) thinking about all the memories we packed into that car in one year:
-The HOURS of research JP put into buying it (side note: one of the reasons we went with this particular car was because we knew we probably wouldn't own it very long and it has great re-sale value)
-Riding the motorcycle to the dealership to pick it up
-Picking JP up from his motorcycle accident to take him to the ER
-Riding down the road with the dogs heads out the windows
-The time the dogs chewed through the seatbelt
and perhaps the most bittersweet of all...
-Bringing our baby home from the hospital
I could go on, but I won't bore you. To sum it up, it's been a great little car and I will miss it. The lady comes to pick it up on Friday. I will then resume driving the GMC "Monster Mom" Safari. :)

Goodbye little car!


Anonymous said...

Seeing pictures of Rae with that giant smile always makes my day-keep up the good work!

Sorry to hear about your car but you'll always have the memories.

Love you-


Brenda said...

Her dimple just charms the socks off me!! And don't worry about the Monster Mom van (hilarious name by the way!) cuz the lady stepping out of the driver's side is one hot momma!!

Anonymous said...

Did you at least agree to remove the decals, or was the old lady SO enthusiastic that she decided to advertise for JP? :)

p.s... you think I'M sentimental... ;)

Jon G