We all scream for iPhone!

Well, we have it. We are now the proud owners of an iPhone. The experience was truly unique. As iSaid before, JP paid his cousins to wait in line for him today while he worked. They showed up at 9:00 am and were the 7th ones in line. At 5:30 pm iShowed up and relieved JP's cousin Erica of her post. There was just an ocean of nerds waiting there. JP wasn't going to make it on time, so iGot to have the experience of actually going in and buying the phone. The first 20 people in line had "special honors" and got to go into the store first.

20 minutes to go - the black curtain that was covering the store was removed.
Israel waits in line, overwhelmed with excitement
We were on FOX 9 News

As we were waiting iSaw a girl coming down the escalators who looked out over the sea of geekness, and iSaw her mouth the word, "Why?" :) Because its awesome, that's why!
The moment was approaching, people were getting excited, nerds everywhere were getting sweaty palms...it was intense.
Finally the countdown began and the floodgates were opened.

iWalked into the Apple Store and was greeted by rows of employees lining either side of the path to the register, cheering and applauding as the 19 others and iMade our way to the register.
The first guy in line got his iPhone and everyone cheered
It all happened so fast, iBarely had time to tell him which phone iWanted and which accessories iNeeded to go with it. And just as soon as it started, it was over, and iWas standing outside the store proudly clutching my iPhone bag. iDidn't open it - iLet JP do the honors.

We've been home for almost two hours now and JP is still playing with the phone. It's pretty cool. He keeps on showing me all the crazy things it can do. It really is amazing. And iKnow we haven't even scratched the surface of this iPhone. :)
Goodnight, sweet iPhone.

P.S. JP wants me to add...
He is positive that any of the "faults" you've heard about this phone are not going to be "faults" at all. Sure, the battery cannot be removed, but neither can iPod batteries and they seem to be doing pretty well. It may take a while to download documents, but anybody who is concerned about that must not have ever owned a Smartphone of any kind, because they ALL take a long time to download. Basically, even if this phone isn't perfect, it's FAR better than anything anybody else has made.
P.P.S. I hope you all can sense my sarcasm throughout this blog. The whole thing really was quite ridiculous. :)


Bron & Jenda said...


As I read your post, I was watching the report on Fox9. I was waiting to see someone in line to be wearing a giant apple costume or something comparable to the Star Wars geeks in line for the midnight showing of Episode 1 several years back. I can't believe you were there! hehehe...that's one expensive phone!

Stuart B said...


Second or third generation, I'll pick one up. When it drops below the cost of an Xbox.

Stuart B said...

Or a car payment.

Chris Good said...

I so wanted one, but...no integration with Wells Fargo email...so...I'll wait...until I can get my work to pay for it.