Double Standard

Today I was reading follow-up reports on a gruesome story out of Illinois. A 24-year-old woman killed a 23-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn baby, then killed the woman's three other children. Among other charges, the murderer has been charged with "intentional homicide of an unborn child."
Tell me - what makes this crime a murder, but abortion a "choice?" What is the difference between killing a baby via medical procedures and via an act of violence? I suppose the major difference (most would argue) is that the mother didn't want her baby dead. So then are "wanted" babies human and "unwanted" babies not human?
Our nation holds a ridiculous double standard when it comes to human life. We will call this situation exactly what it is - the murder of an unborn child - but will never own up to the human lives that are lost every single day to abortion. There is no difference. All of it is murder.


Stephanie Balvin said...


BasementBum said...

Anti-choice, anti-woman rights, fundamental, right-wing, bigoted, neocon...I can't believe you would come to such and obvious conculsion!
Couldn't agree w/ ya more.
Abortion should be a focus of the US...even over our "war on terror"
That is if you think it is an act of terrorism to murder (by ripping body apart, poisioning, and/or stabbing in head) around 43 million people!